Cash Roses | A cash surprise with every bouquet®

Romance, wine & dine your significant other with Cash Roses®! Our wooden Cash Roses® scent lasts up to six months, but their beauty is eternal! Faux Baby’s Breath accentuates the roses, making the dozen an absolutely stunning gift. With four wonderful scents to choose from, and an amazing cash surprise, whomever receives these will enjoy them time & time again!
Each bouquet of wax roses comes with a guaranteed $2 dollar bill with every dozen with a chance to win more! So every Cash Roses bouquet is a winner cause no matter what you’ll always at LEAST get a real $2 bill with a chance to win up to 7500!
*We don’t give odds and this is not a lottery just a fun novelty item! You get a $2 bill with every dozen with a random chance to win more! That simple!*

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