Crypto Candles - Candles With Real Cryptocurrency Inside!

So what is a Crypto Candle you might ask? Well we here at, LOVE cryptocurrencies and we are in the candle space so we thought it would be fun to bring the two worlds together in this super fun novelty gift!
Each Crypto Candle has a real “bitcoin token” inside it reveals itself when you burn the candle down! EVERY Crypto Candle has this token in it that is worth $5 USD in real bitcoin value! Just scan the QR code that is on your bitcoin token with your phone to see if you got the $5 OR the $5 AND another surprise prize that can be valued UP TO $5000 in bitcoin! Very simple!
Obviously this is a NOVELTY and not a lottery so no odds are given other than the FACT that EVERY Crypto Candle WILL HAVE a minimum of $5 USD value worth of bitcoin you can redeem when you burn the candle down so EVERY Crypto Candle is a WINNER!

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